Stil Der Neuen Zeit (1982)

Dunkelziffer's first release presents a blend of hard-edged rhythms, electronic elements, and occasional melodic ambiences. Four Significantly different tracks displaying some of the most interesting stuff NDW produced at the time.

1 - Stil Der Neuen Zeit
2 - Zufall In Der Wirklichkeit
3 - S. O. 36
4 - Strom

Music and lyrics by Dunkelziffer (Dominik Von Senger, Matthias Keul, Olek Gelba, Reiner Linke, Stefan Krachten). Recorded and mixed by Bobby Hartmann. Released by Pure Freude, 1982.

No Such Animal (1970)

A - No Such Animal (part1)
B - No Such Animal (part2)

Performed live by Jimi Hendrix and Curtis Knight from mid the 60's.

Reluctant Hosts (19887)

Music by: Kira Vollman (voice, bass, guitar, keyboards, clarinet), Joseph Berardi (drums, percussion, keyboards, accordion, cello), Jesse Jacobson (guitar, bowed bass), Jerome Faulkner (synthesizer, clarinet), Bill Rhea (violin).

Written, produced and performed by Non Credo. Recorded and mixed at World's Fair, Los Angeles. 

The Truth Is Hard To Swallow (1987)

1 - Sushi Party
2 - Sacred Meat
3 - Tender Animal
4 - Dear P.M.R.C.
5 - Gringo.
The Constant State of Desire (live)*
6 - Enter Entrepreneur
7 - Strangling Baby Birds
8 - The father In All of Us.

Lyrics, vocals and artwork by Karen Finley. Produced and mixed by Mark Kamins.

* The Constant State of Desire recorded live at PS 122, New York City in May 1987.

Confusional Quartet (1981)

Music by: Lucio Ardito (bass), Gianni Cuoghi (bass), Enrico Serotti (guitar), Marco Bertoni (keyboards). Produced by Oderso.
Released by Italian Records in 1981.

Slope - Gradual Disappearance (1987)

Music by: Tenko (vocals, guitar, drums, synthesizer), Fred Frith (bass, guitar, piano, drums), Wayne Horvitz (piano, synthesizer), Ned Rothenberg (flute, saxophone), Zeena Parkins (harp, accordion), Arto Lindsay (guitar), Christian Marclay (turntables), David Moss (vocals), Tom Cora (vocals, cello), Kramer (banjo), Kamura (vocals), David Licht (drums).

Produced by Tenko and Fred Frith. Recorded at Noise New York.

Hypnotischer Existenzialismus (1985)

All titles composed and realized by Till Bruggemann and Thomas Furch. Recorded at Zyklus Studio in Bremen W. Germany June 1984 and January 1985. Engineered and Mixed in March 1985 by Gerechtigkeits Liga & James Braddel in London at James Braddel Studio. Digitally re/mastered in May 1985. Bremen W. Germany.

The Way it Was (2012)

A collection of "studio interim mixes" (dated 1989) and live performances (recorded 1987, 1988, 1992).

Christoph Anders - voice, guitar, sampling keyboard, tenor sax.
Chris Cutler - drums, objects, realtime electronic processing.
Heiner Goebbels - polyphonic and sampling keyboards, chinese violin, guitar, voice.
* With Dietmar Deisner (saxes and electronics on #3) and René Lusssier (guitar on #15).

Released by ReR in 2012.