The Truth Is Hard To Swallow (1987)

1 - Sushi Party
2 - Sacred Meat
3 - Tender Animal
4 - Dear P.M.R.C.
5 - Gringo.
The Constant State of Desire (live)*
6 - Enter Entrepreneur
7 - Strangling Baby Birds
8 - The father In All of Us.

Lyrics, vocals and artwork by Karen Finley. Produced and mixed by Mark Kamins.

* The Constant State of Desire recorded live at PS 122, New York City in May 1987.

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  1. Any chance of a repost of the Karen Finley album? The great Burning The Ground blog has just posted some high quality rips of her two 12 singles, Tales of Taboo and Lick It:


    It reminded me of this album, which I have not heard for decades! Many thanks if you can help.